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The Great Debate: Should You Get Keratin Treatment or Coloring First?

Colour or Keratin Smoothening Treatment first? Bet many of you are often asking as one could tend to worry hair colour would turn brassy from keratin if you do colour first, or colouring after keratin might strip off the keratin. Or do you want to know if you can dye your hair and apply keratin all on the same day?

Yes, it is possible to do both services on the same day, but one should respect the order in which how it's done, and it is to colour first then followed by keratin. Simply because if you do it the other way round, you risk having horrible patches of colour in your hair that always reminds me somehow of hyena spots that are on the verge of turning to straw.

But let's say you are not yet due for colouring? In this case, first keratin then waits at least for two weeks before you dye your hair. I know it sounds contradicting what I've said earlier, but there's an explanation, which I'll tell you further on.

But first, let's clarify what I'm saying up to now. If both services need to be done on the same day, do the colour first, then keratin. If the decision is to do it on two separate occasions, it's best to wait two weeks after keratin to do the colouring.

I know we live in a fast-paced world nowadays, so it's expected we tend to want to be super-efficient in everything we do. But let me tell you, when it comes to hair, we cannot rush! Instead, we have to pay attention to the order and the process to achieve the optimum desired result. I know it can be frustrating when we want to look gorgeous in the blink of an eye. But beauty comes at a price, time and patience, and I'll explain to you further.

  • Hair colouring and keratin smoothening treatment, which should be done first?

  • How much time should one wait after keratin smoothening treatment before considering colouring?

  • After treating your coloured hair with keratin, how should one look after it to prolong the effects? Or what should one avoid to prevent ruining it?

lady getting hair colored

Keratin, Colour which first?

Colouring first, followed by keratin. Why?

Ammonia swells open the hair cuticles to facilitate the hair dying process. In addition, the oxidation process elevates the pH level of the hair to 10. Thus hair becomes more alkaline, causing the degrading of the hair's structural integrity, making it weak, causing breakage and making it dry.

diagram of hair structure

That's why it is so important to do a neutralizing treatment (i.e. colour saver, colour rinse, etc.) immediately after colouring your hair to bring down the pH. So if you were to do a keratin smoothening treatment after the colouring, you would be achieving a couple of things.

  1. Normalizing the pH of the hair as keratin is mildly acidic.

  2. Repairing the structural damage caused by hair colouring and preventing split ends by smoothening and sealing the hair cuticles.

  3. It forms a protective layer over the hair, locking the colour in the hair preventing colour from running when we wash our hair or when hair is exposed to the sun.

Do not worry about the colour run or turning brassy, as that would be a straightforward, quick fix. Over at Style by Louis, we would glaze the hair with an acidic colour treatment to rectify the issue, further sealing the keratin!

How much time should I wait if i decide to color after Keratin?

I would say about two weeks before you attempt colouring. However, bearing in mind that it's best to leave it to the professional as colouring after keratin does have its challenges. To understand this, let's review how hair colouring works.

Two main things happen during hair colouring.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down the hair cuticles and dissolves the natural colour pigments in the hair.

  2. Ammonia swells up the cuticles allowing the artificial colour pigments to enter the hair shaft.

Diagram demonstrating hair shaft after keratin smoothening treatment.

Keratin treatment leaves a thick layer of protein over the hair, which would obstruct hair dye from working, so it's essential to allow the keratin treatment at least two weeks to stabilize before an attempt. In addition, getting the processing time and correct hair dye formulation is crucial for success. Trust me, it's worth the time and effort to wait at least two weeks to colour after the keratin.

Post-Treatment Care

After getting a keratin treatment or hair coloring, proper aftercare is essential to maintain the health and longevity of your new look. Here are some general tips for caring for treated hair:

  1. Use Sulfate-Free Products: Invest in hair care products specifically formulated for treated hair, preferably sulfate-free. Sulfates can strip the hair of moisture and color, diminishing the effects of both the keratin treatment and hair coloring. Luckily, at Style's Shppe, we have a wide variety of salt-freproducts for you

  2. Hydrate and Moisturize: Keep your hair hydrated by using moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks. This helps prevent dryness, frizz, and breakage, ensuring your hair stays healthy and manageable.

  3. Limit Washing and Use Cold Water: Avoid washing your hair too frequently, as this can strip away natural oils and color. When you do wash your hair, opt for lukewarm or cool water instead of hot water, as hot water can fade color and strip the hair of moisture.

Hope that answers to your question and do not hesitate to contact us at 68845335 or if you have further queries. or head over to our online booking system to schedule an appointment now.


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