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Styyles llogo Argan Oil Repair Range

Style by Louis & Co. has recently added this amazing range of haircare product to our carefully curated retail products. Argan Oil Repair range is designed to restore the vitality and condition of your hair with luxurious formulations containing high concentrations of pure Moroccan Argan Oil #arganoil – commonly referred to as ‘liquid gold’. It provides repair, moisture and softness for dehydrated, damaged and brittle hair with a delicious fragrance of sandalwood and wheatgrass.

The perfect fusion of nature and technology, muk.Spa Argan Oil Repair range is 100% free of sulfates, parabens, phosphates, mineral oil and contains no added sodium chloride. Making this entire range of products suitable for people who had Keratin Smoothening Treatment #keratinsmoothening done. Argan Oil Repair Shampoo

Containing a luxurious blend of pure Moroccan Argan Oil, hydrolysed vegetable proteins and weightless moisturizers, Argan Oil Repair shampoo repairs, adds moisture and softness for dehydrated, damaged and brittle hair. Argan Oil Repair Mask Argan Oil Repair Mask moisturizes and softens dehydrated, damaged and brittle hair. It provides intense conditioning, shine and moisture, whilst smoothing frizz and eliminating flyaways. Argan Oil Repair Treatment Oil

A super light, absorbent oil, muk.Spa Argan Oil Treatment is ideal for all hair types. It contains a blend of pure Moroccan Argan Oil, linseed oil, sweet almond oil, keratin protein and aloe vera.

Formulated to protect the hair from blow-drying, hair irons, chlorine, salt water and sun exposure. It can also reduce hair drying time up to 50%. Use prior to or after styling

So simply drop by Style by Louis & Co today to grab a set of these amazing products home now. Or simply hop over to Style's Shoppe to purchase them and get it send to you now.


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