Pravana Colorlush, ammonia and MEA free demi gloss for the sensitive you.

ColorLush by Pravana, the next generation demi-color that's free of both ammonia and MEA (monoethanolamie) is now available at Style by Louis & Co. We are now able to creates deep rich vibrant color that incrementally improves the integrity of the hair. Leaving it healthier, while imparting glass like shine

So typically either ammonia or MEA is used to open the cuticle to allow hair color to penetrate into the hair shaft. However, ammonia is well-recognized as a possible irritant that can be caustic to the hair and scalp and produces an unpleasant odour while processing. While on the other hand MEA is indeed gentler and odourless, it adheres to the hair and if not sufficiently removed after the color service may continue to degrade the hair.

As expected of leading hair color company, Pravana developed #PravanaColorLush which delivers color through new nurturing technology found in its proprietary Omega-9 Oil Delivery Complex that gently opens the cuticles without stressing hair,odourless or the residual effects of MEA. As the Omega-9 Oil Delivery Complex embeds color, it simultaneously infuses hair with nourishing Omega-9 (found in Avocado, Grapeseed and Olive Oils).

Schedule an appointment with Style By Louis & Co. today to experience this amazing product. Witness it recharge, repairs and revitalizes your dry damaged hair.



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