QOD Fiber Complex, the solution to hair breakage!

Still worrying about drying or damaging your hair from all the coloring, bleaching, etc... Fret not as Style by Louis & Co. is pleased to introduce QOD Fiber Complex , a product that has been clinically proven to enhance hair strength and flexibility by seven times thus preventing hair breakage. The internal structure of the hair is composed of disulfide bonds, responsible for the hair strength, elasticity and format of the hair fiber. During any chemical treatment in the hair salon there will be a separation of the keratin structure thus exposes the amino-terminal group.

#QODFIBERCOMPLEX repairs a series of damages that occur on the surface of the hair, such as hair aging and micro ruptures with a blend of bio amino acids. It presents a molecular structure that is smaller than the capillary fiber, penetrating into the hair cortex to regenerate stable and covalent bonds, which contribute to reinforce the internal structure of the hair. The bio amino acids act directly into the keratogenesis, providing organic sulfur for keratin formation, increasing hair strength and flexibility by 7x.

*Tests carried out with EMIC equipment show a 7x increase on tensile strength of hair. (Tests made with a 20N cell charge).

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