No time! Hair too fried! At this point in time, Dry Shampoo might truly be your best friend.


Not enough time in the morning, hair's too dry to wash it often, etc... These are just a couple of reasons for people to reach for dry shampoo. But what exactly is it and how it works?

  • What exactly is Dry Shampoo?

Well, it's not really a shampoo. It's really just a can of aerosol spray that delivers a carrier agent containing an active powder. Normally, starch is used as an active powder. When the powder is sprayed onto the hair, the carrier agent (alcohol) evaporates while the starch remains attached. Starch then soaks up the excess oil and grease in your hair, giving it a cleaner, fresher appearance.

  • Can it replace regular shampooing of hair?

No, it can't, even though the appearance of the hair is improved as powders within dry shampoo absorbs the sebum in hair. This is because the absorbed oils and powders leave a residue on the scalp which can lead to some serious scalp inflammation that reduces hair growth or causes the scalp to itch like crazy. Also, the products also may dry out your hair, making it brittle or fragile. If the hair is dry and there are no added moisturizing substance, the hair fibre will fracture, and you’ll have a headful of broken hair,

  • So dry shampoo is BAD?

Not entirely true as long as one doesn't use it to replace regular shampooing and learns how to properly use it. It is great for giving hair a break between shampoos and a good choice for times when a shampoo simply isn’t practical. For example, a quick brush of dry shampoo can refresh hair after a lunchtime workout, saving time in the locker room.

  • Dry shampoo suitable for all hair type?

No. Well although dry shampoo can be a saviour in a multitude of hair emergencies, it can't be used on a multitude of hair texture. Since it has to be brushed out very thoroughly, it is not suitable for very coarse very curly hair. Also, a slight powdery residue tends to get left behind, so women with dark hair should choose a dry shampoo specifically for brunettes, to avoid awkward moments.

So in conclusion, dry shampoo is useful for getting out of a follicular tight spot but should never be considered a replacement for regular shampooing. If one really need to use it one should look at the ingredient list making sure its free of Paraben, Sulfate (SLS or SLES), Petrolatum and Mineral Oil.

Most importantly do get a reputable brand that manufactures in a facility that is audited for social responsibility. If one really needs to use it, head over to iHerbs for our choice of dry shampoos and immediately enjoy a 5% discount.



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