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Pravana ChromaSilk Express Toner for that perfect shade of blonde.

Gorgeous blonde after Pravana's Express Toner service.

Blonde hair never goes out of style, but maintaining its impeccable condition requires regular care. To keep your locks in tip-top shape, it's essential to shine, condition, and revitalize them regularly.

Enter Pravana ChromaSilk Express Toner, the ultimate solution for blonde hair care. This remarkable product offers durable, shiny, and manageable hair color without the dreaded brassiness.

As one of the fastest ammonia-free toners available, Pravana ChromaSilk Express Toner delivers stunning, long-lasting tones to highlights and blondes in less than 5 minutes. It works like an enchanting topcoat, infusing your hair with extreme shine that exudes iridescence and vibrant color.

With a range of 7 intermixable shades including Copper, Gold, Natural, Beige, Ash, Pearl, and Violet, along with the addition of Clear, creating and customizing beautiful blondes has never been easier. Say goodbye to generic hair color and embrace a personalized, head-turning blonde shade.

If you're longing for a quick lunchtime fix to revitalize your brassy, dry-looking mane into a shiny, healthy blonde, look no further than Style by Louis & Co. Pay us a visit or conveniently schedule an appointment online to embark on your journey to stunning, vibrant blonde hair. Experience the transformation today!

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