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Cryotherapy Hair Treatment

We approach #KeratinSmootheningTreatment in a unique way at Style by Louis.

We have explored and refined our techniques over the years in order to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. fIn addition, we finish off Keratin Treatment with an important step #CryotherphyHairTreatment, which produces instant natural gloss and gives your hair a sleek and fresh appearance.

Cryotherapy is a revolutionary hair treatment that instantly repairs damaged, fragile hair. Working with extremely low temperatures to work on the hair trand from inside out, correcting, repairing and replenishing the damaged fibre.

Sorry to disappoint but it's nothing like a scene from Frozen. It's way less dramatic. We simply utilize an extraordinary innovative frozen machine with somewhat something resembling a hot flat iron attached to it, but instead of heat, it has a cooling plate that cools to a temperature of -15°C. This sub-zero temperature causes a complete sealing of the cuticle of every hair-producing gorgeous, naturally shiny, smooth, soft hair.

Do you have strong, thick, frizzy hair and wish for smoother, softer hair? Or perhaps the lack of volume and shine despite everything you tried? Maybe your hair is dry and stressed from dyeing them too many times? Cryotherapy Hair Treatment is suitable for every type of hair. Prior to using the freeze plates, either keratin or any other form of hair treatment is applied. We then employ the -15°C cooling plate onto the hair, which will ultimately close and seal the treatment in the hair cuticles reconstructing your hair inside and out. As a result, immediately after your first session, your hair is back to looking smooth and naturally glossy.

It doesn't matter if you have dyed or chemically treated hair; over at Style, we have you covered. Cryotherapy Hair Treatment to make stressed and dull hair resistant, shiny and smooth again, or for dry, damaged hair, you could consider Keratin Smoothening Treatment where we incorporate Cryotherapy into it. Still, need more information regarding Style's #KeratinSmootheningTreatment? Click here. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to get in touch with us either at 68845335 or Do you know you can also schedule an appointment online conveniently with us today.

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