Keratin or Rebonding? Whats the difference?

Long, luscious, silky locks are every girls dream. But lets be honest at least 80% of the ladies out there would find getting their hair to behave is a massive undertaking, often resorting to giving up. And the other 20%? Well they just couldn't be bothered anymore.

Well fortunately for the busy modern women, unruly hair could be a thing of the past. Various hair treatments and chemical process to straighten and smoothen hair are available in salons everywhere. Though given the so many options and various marketing gimmicks, consumers are often left confused. But honestly it all falls under either #KeratinSmootheningTreatment or #Rebonding, both have the same goal to fight frizz and unwanted curls.

So we at Style decided to give you a quick rundown on the difference between keratin treatment and rebonding. So when you next rush off for your hair appointment, you would already know the basics and can easily make a decision.

  • What is a Keratin Smoothening Treatment?

A keratin smoothening treatment strengthen, smoothen, relaxes frizzy curly hair and seals split ends. 95% of our hair is made of keratin. Administering keratin treatment basically means providing more of these essential fibrous, helicoidal protein to our hair. As with all hair treatment it gradually washes off and generally last up to six months. There are many different brands and versions of the treatment available these days and there's no one brand that suits all hair texture (we at Style carries at least 5 different brands) So it's important that your hairstylist stocks a couple of different brands and understand your lifestyle so they can then better recommend a formula to suit your needs.

Showing 95% of Hair Structure is Keratin.

  • What is Hair Rebonding?

It is a permanent straightening chemical process. Using a main ingredient of sodium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, or guanidine hydroxide to break the disulfide bonds in our hair. Following that hairstylist reshape your hair by means of hair iron and add more chemicals that reconstruct those disulfide bonds, holding your hair in a new shape. This procedure makes your hair straight, sleek, and shiny when done correctly but unfortunately about 10 percent of the disulfide bonds that break don't reform again. Over time, you’ll need to retouch your hair as your hair grows longer and the untreated portions become more noticeable but make sure only treat the untreated portions.

  • Keratin Treatment Pros and Cons

Pros -

  • It is a hair treatment that's meant to nourish your hair with more of the naturally occurring essential keratin protein.Thus you are assured positive results no matter what your hair type

  • As with all hair treatments, it washes out gradually thus you would never get the issue of having a demarcation.

  • Easily reduces styling time

  • Seals up split ends (yay making it resistant to humidity) and prevent further breakage caused by bleaching etc....

  • Big loose glamourous waves, sexy beachy tousled curls to sleek chic pin straight hair any style is possible. Best of all you do not neeed to worry about the humidity.

Cons -
  • Cost, it shouldn't come as a surprise that an effective hair treatment like Keratin Smoothening done by an experienced honest hairstylist which last 4 to 6 mths will cost a few hundred dollars. (Well if you average it out by the number of months then comparing it to how much time and effort it saves you, you would agree it's worth it.)

  • Sodium chloride (table salt) alongside sulphates are a big no no for keratin treated hair as it strips off the keratin and hair color. Both are cheap ingredients that make a shampoo lather nicely so they are used in abundance in most haircare. At Style we always advocate clients to be vigilante about the product ingredients. So if uncertain fret not just hope on to Style's Shoppe to check out our specially curated range of haircare.

  • Hair Rebonding Pros and Cons

Pros -
  • Time saving as hair rebonding produces permanently straight hair thus gone are the days of having to wake up earlier to tame crazy frizzy manes.

  • Hair rebonding will save you all the effort and stress of dealing with hair frizz every day.

Cons -
  • While its permanence is considered an advantage for some, it can also be quite a major drawback for others. Remember, your hair will be permanently altered so there is literally no going back. It also means you would be battling with the line of demarcation all the time without the option of just letting it grow out nicely.

  • We have established Hair Rebonding do damages the hair as not all the disulfide bonds that broke will reform agin. Thus if something goes wrong or if your hair isn’t compatible with the treatment, you risk severely damaging your long locks.

  • Keratin Smoothening Treatment VS Hair Rebonding

Personally we at Style are a big fan of Keratin Smoothening Treatment as Keratin Smoothening Treatment we actually add more keratin into your hair while for Hair Rebonding chemicals are used to modify and restructure the very shape of your hair losing about 10 percent of keratin during the process. Keratin Smoothening treated hair also has the flexibilty to be styled anyway but not hair that has rebonded.

  • Hair Rebonding then Keratin Smoothening Treatment

This is one of the most disgusting way of upselling more services by the black sheeps in this industry. Yet we have so many ill informed clients falling for it. In my opinion there's absolutely no need for it. After hair rebonding your hair cuticles are tight shut so there's no way the treatment would stay.

  • Keratin Straightening Treatment vs Keratin Smoothening Treatment

Do be wary of some salons who try to do a quick one by pulling off Hair Rebonding as Keratin Smoothening Treatment by calling it Keratin Straightening Treatment. Technically they are not wrong cause during the process of Hair Rebonding they would add in amino acid, collagen, etc to prevent damage to your hair.

Hope this article helps clarify some doubts and uncertainties. Feel free to call us at 68845335 if you have anymore queries or simply schedule an appointment online with us at Style now!



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