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Qod Professional Argan Moisture & Shine Conditioner 1000ml

Immerse your hair in opulence with QOD Argan Hair Conditioner – the pinnacle of hair luxury! Our rich, creamy conditioner is meticulously crafted to elevate your hair care routine to a realm of indulgence.


QOD Professional Argan Conditioner unveils a sophisticated formula featuring low-weight silicons, silk, and the liquid gold of hair care – argan oil. This dynamic blend not only seals the cuticle but acts as a guardian, shielding your precious hair fibers and locking in vital nutrients. The result? Unmatched shine, amplified health, and a revitalized vitality that speaks volumes.


Enriched with a trio of goodness – vitamin E, omega 6, and argan oil – our Argan range serves as a potent antioxidant. Bid farewell to frizz, mend split ends, and shield your hair from further damage. Let the deep nourishment provided by QOD Professional Argan Conditioner unveil the natural, smooth brilliance of your hair.


Perfect for those with dry, damaged, colored, treated, or permed hair, this conditioner goes beyond the basics. It's a nourishing elixir that not only seals cuticles but elevates your hair to new heights of smoothness, shine, and silkiness. Plus, it's free from sulfates, sodium, and chloride, ensuring a wholesome and gentle care routine.


Join the league of those embracing the transformative power of QOD Argan Hair Conditioner – where each application is a step towards healthier, more radiant hair. Unleash the beauty within and let your hair become the embodiment of sheer perfection!

Qod Professional Argan Moisture & Shine Conditioner 1000ml

  • ✨ Nourishing conditioner that seals cuticles and protects hair fibers

    ✨ Enriched with argan, vitamin E, and omega 6

    ✨ Locks in nutrients, increases shine and health

    ✨ Antioxidant-rich formula controls frizz and repairs split ends

    ✨ Deeply nourishes hair fibers for a natural shine

    ✨ Makes hair smooth, shiny, and silky

    ✨ Free from sulfates, sodium, and chloride

    ✨ Suitable for dry, damaged, color-treated, and permed hair

  • Argan Oil - The organic Argan oil, better known as the “Moroccan gold” is taken from a tree native to Morocco, the Argania Espinoza. As it is a vegetable oil, rich in fatty acids, it is a powerful antioxidant that treats and protects the hair from mechanical, thermal and chemical aggressions.



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