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Qod Professional Max Prime Smooth & Shine Tamarind Extract Hair Mask (1000ML)

Introducing the QOD Professional Max Prime After Treatment Hair Mask – your passport to the pinnacle of indulgent hair care. Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury as this sodium chloride-free conditioning mask lavishes your hair with unparalleled pampering.


Enriched with the potent trio of tamarind extract, myrrh, and calamus, our Max Prime after-treatment line isn't just a mask; it's a transcendent hair experience. Tamarind extract takes the spotlight, showcasing its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial prowess, reducing hair fall, and maintaining sebum balance for a naturally harmonized scalp.


Myrrh, the key to fortified roots and reduced hair fall, seamlessly joins forces with calamus extract, addressing a spectrum of hair concerns, from loss and thinning to greying and roughness. Revel in the splendor of healthier, lustrous hair with every application.


Why QOD Max Prime stands out:

  • Luxurious Conditioning: Treats your hair impeccably, leaving it not just conditioned but radiantly healthy.

  • Tri-Powerful Enrichment: Infused with tamarind extracts, myrrh, and calamus for a holistic hair care experience.

  • Anti-Bacterial Brilliance: Combats dandruff and keeps hair fall at bay with the natural anti-bacterial properties.

  • Scalp Savior: Shields your scalp, promotes robust hair growth, and transforms with nourishing brilliance.

  • Natural Shine: Nourishes hair fibers, revealing a natural, smooth shine that elevates overall hair quality.

  • Smooth Elegance: Bid farewell to frizz, embracing strands that are not just smooth but gloriously shiny.

  • pH Harmony: Maintains scalp equilibrium with a formula expertly balancing pH levels for a healthy foundation.

  • Sulphate, Sodium, and Chloride-Free: Embrace guilt-free luxury with a formula free from harmful sulfates, sodium, and chloride.

  • Universal Elegance: Suitable for dry, damaged, color-treated, and permed hair – because every strand deserves a touch of opulence.


Step into a realm of unparalleled hair care – choose QOD Professional Max Prime After Treatment Hair Mask, where luxury meets transformation.

Qod Professional Max Prime Smooth & Shine Tamarind Extract Hair Mask (1000ML)

    • Tamarind Extract Marvel: Uncover the magic of Tamarind Extract, revered for its potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This botanical powerhouse not only reduces hair fall but also regulates sebum production, ensuring a balanced and non-oily scalp.

    • Myrrh Elixir: Delve into the wonders of Myrrh, renowned for its ability to fortify hair roots, resulting in reduced hair fall. This elixir strengthens each strand from the roots, promoting healthier and more resilient hair.

    • Calamus Extract Miracle: Experience the transformative effects of Calamus Extract, addressing a spectrum of hair concerns – from loss and thinning to grey hair and roughness. This miracle extract tackles various issues, contributing to the overall well-being and vitality of your hair.

  • Key Benefits

    • With a balanced pH level his incredible, luxurious conditioning mask treats the hair completely leaving a healthy lustrous shine. 

    • Sodium Chloride (Salt) and Sulfate free

    • Good for all hair types

    • Excellent daily condioner for dry, damaged, color-treated or permed hair

    • Essential post keratin treatment conditioner

    Makes a great once-weekly change to your daily conditioner


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